Features of Cheers Video Mail

Cheers Video Mail production template

Customize the look and feel of your video messages with a production template! 

Whether you have recorded your video message in Cheers or you have uploaded a video from your device, you will be able to:

  • Add your logo
  • Customize the player graphic
  • Include text overlay on the video 
  • Stamp your video with your name and/or date
  • Create a default poster image

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Convey information faster and easier than ever by sending your recipient a screen recording. 

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Cheers Video Mail Screen recording
Cheers Video Mail Libraries

Cheers Video Mail is equipped to store all your videos, images and documents! On top of being able to save and store the videos you record using Cheers Video Mails Mini-Studio, you can upload videos directly from your device or the web. You can also keep all your important images and documents in our libraries! Our libraries are safe and secure and guaranteed to make sending files with your video messages a whole lot easier.

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Record videos with our simple and easy to use Mini Studio.

Our recording studio lets you:

  • Pick your camera
  • Choose your video format (HD or VGA)
  • Select your desired production template 

Choose your settings, record your video, and send it off!

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Cheers Video Mail recording studio
Cheers Video Mail message templates

Not sure how you want to design your message? Choose from over 60 templates to help make your message stand out!

We've got templates for birthdays, national days, newsletters, announcements and many more! 

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We know you lead a busy life, so we created a way for you to never forget to send a message on time again! Use our scheduling tool to set the date and time you want your next video message to go out. 

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Cheers Video Mail message scheduling
Cheers Video Mail Privacy and Security

We help you keep your content safe!

When you send a video message, you can control if recipients need authentication before viewing your message and whether or not they can reply or forward your message. 

You are in total control! 

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See how your message is performing and keep track of who has opened and viewed your message with our analytics system. Find out how many times your recipients viewed your video and clicked on the links in your message.

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Cheers Video Mail snippets

Snippets are text presets that can be easily created, stored, and inserted into any message that you send.

Whether it is your email signature or a blurb of text that you email often, you can create a snippet for it. 

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The contacts section in your Cheers Video Mail account has a lot of features and functionalities. You can:

  • Set birthday, anniversary, and next contact date reminders
  • Create groups and tags so that you can organize and segment your contacts 
  • Fill out a complete profile of your contact and include any notes

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