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Make Your Messages Unique and Customized With Cheers' Email Message Templates

Why send dull emails? Make your next video email stand out with our collection of email templates. Learn more about how you can create a beautifully designed email by watching the video below!

Not sure how you want to design your message? Choose from over 60 templates to help make your message stand out!

We've got templates for birthdays, national days, newsletters, announcements and many more!
Cheers Video Mail message templates

Message templates, with Cheers Video Mail.

Tired of looking at plain emails?

Spruce up your next message with a message template!

The Cheers Video Mail team has created a multitude of templates with designs for any occasion or mood. You can browse and use our collection of templates, and even customize them to your liking. 

Pop your favourite one into a new message, insert your video and text and you’re good to go!

Take a look at our beautiful message templates by visiting Cheers Video Mail. 
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