Beat the Obstacles and Conquer the Challenges Facing the Acquisition of your Next Client in your Sales Funnel Stages

This is About Business Productivity, Specifically in the Sales Process

  • What Are you Currently doing to attract and capture new leads?
  • Aren't we all looking for our next client?
  • What do you think is the most challenging part of the sales process?

Watch our business productivity episodes as they become available to learn more about how you can attract new leads and augment your sales
Do you think that writing emails consumes time? Well, it is not always easy to express an idea or point in a text –and that can take you time. So “have you ever considered recording a video and email that instead? –be more expressive, show your exact feelings and save time? “What are you currently doing to attract and capture new leads ?” Aren’t we all looking for our next client? And what do you think is the most challenging part of a sales process? Is it in: 1- capturing leads 2- Closing deals 3- staying in touch with leads won or lost; or 4- is it in Post sales – keeping the customer happy and engaged? Well, you will have answers to those questions, and get to know more about the whole sales process of any industry and how to put technology in the service of your business with our “Business Productivity” episodes. They are a total of 6 episodes that will address the stages of a sales process; pre-sales, post-sales, and during sales. Get ready, our first episode will be released on Monday addressing how to include yourself and show value of what you provide, this is part of the pre-sales ! Stay tuned and Cheers for Now!
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This short video introduces you to the major challenges we face throughout our professional business sales and fulfillment stages and highlights simplicity in achieving our goals.

Episode 1: Promoting Yourself - Easy and Simple!

How to market your business successfully and effectively, without spending a fortune?
Ever wondered how to build a successful communication Strategy through your branding?

Learn how technology like Cheers Video Mail can help in the first step in your Marketing Funnel, in this video

Hello everyone, and welcome to episode 1, I am Sahar- and today we are discussing the first step in pre sales “promoting yourself”- making it easy and simple! 

If you’re trying to sell a service or a product you need to inform people about it, show your value and gain credibility - why you not others - to attract their attention and start a conversation! 

This includes writing posts, creating introductory and nurturing content that includes videos, telling your story, maybe some promotional material, and getting quoted by clients or experts. 

Promoting yourself in Cheers is made easier because it’s a platform that enables you to prepare yourself; prepare your videos,  content messages, posts, by being able to record videos and upload them there, create signatures, and design templates for your videos and posts using the state-of-the art drag-and-drop designer. So once you have everything ready you can immediately publish them to your website and social media accounts.  

Now that your website is ready, your posts and ads are in place, and you have high resolution videos- How to capture your potential prospects that are interested in your offering?

Stay tuned for we will discuss that in our next episode!

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Episode 2: Find your next customer - Lead Capturing!

How can you convert your website visitors into quality leads?
Welcome to our second episode addressing lead capturing! Let’s discuss “acquiring our next client”. Now that you have uncovered the power of videos with content and posts, and started promoting yourself easily with Cheers , you need to start collecting valuable leads to start your sales process. That’s where lead capturing forms become extremely important - with all the legwork done, those forms are integral on your landing pages. Those forms, anywhere on your website, need to have an “easy-ask” nature so that visitors find them easy to engage, and optimized to generate as many qualified leads as possible. An effective online form will be able to generate quality leads by collecting just the right information to start a conversation, yet it shouldn’t be too long or too short! At the very least, you need each lead’s name and email address. However, if you want to know if this lead is a good fit to your business, and to profile him/her before doing any contact then you will need some more information. CVM is a lead capturing enabler; using custom online forms - with no coding is required - you can easily design the look and the feel of the form, specify simple ask data to collect, provide a simple key to action, and respond with a simple thank you message. So now your lead generation process is up and running, starting a conversation is the key. How can YOU engage your leads immediately and at ease? Let’s have this talk in our next episode. Cheers for now!
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This video episode is about how you can easily capture interested visitors to your web site and turn them into qualified leads by using integrated online forms in your landing pages.

Episode 3: Engaging Newly Captured Leads in Campaigns Automation

How to engage your new leads and nurture the way to customers, using attractive messages at the right time, without the hard work every time?
Automation is key. In this video, we discuss engaging newly captured leads using campaign automation; and spotlight the power of videos in increasing attraction and starting a conversation.
Hello everyone and welcome again to our Business Productivity series; in this to episode we discuss engaging newly captured leads in campaigns. It is the time to engage your generated leads! Nurturing your leads using specialized video email messages is an excellent and easy way that can easily be done using specific campaigns automation. Let them receive automatic emails with relevant content and information at a specific schedule, and always remind them that you’re available. Why include videos! Using videos in your emails campaigns leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rates and draws more attention to your messages. Cheers automation facilitates your work, instead of manually sending the set of emails, the platform does that automatically once the contact is added to the list - mainly when captured using an online form. Cheers monitors your campaigns, and with detailed analytics and notifications you get to know immediately when you have a hot engaging lead that opens and reads your emails, views your videos, and clicks on links you include. So what to do with a hot engaging lead? Let’s discuss “Starting a Conversation” in our next episode! Cheers!
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Episode 4: Keep the Conversation Going

How to use videos to start a rewarding conversation with your Hot Leads?
Your lead is HOT, don’t wait; act immediately! In this episode we discuss how to start a rewarding conversation. It may be inconvenient to call for real-time meetings with everyone especially when your guest has work time pressure, lives in a different time zone, or simply has a busy schedule. A video message is a perfect alternative: recipients can watch the video at their own pace and respond accordingly. Moreover, video conferences can be tiring, time consuming, and energy draining. In the video message you compose, have a personalized and targeting approach; your recipient will understand that you care to start a conversation, you researched them and their needs, and that you are truly excited to serve them. You don’t have to look formal - on the video - but rather look friendly and be genuine. People receive numerous sales messages a day; let yours be different and stand out. In the subject line make sure you mention their name and focus on their profession - make it attractive to what’s in it for them. As for the video, mention their name as often as you can, focus on their professional challenges and strengths, highlight potential interest in what you offer and the value of what you are presenting, and appreciate their time and attention. End your video with an Easy Ask: example to that is: a request or statement that they find easy and simple to act upon. This personalized message is special enough to grab their attention and kick-off that conversation! Keep in mind that your message and video are trackable; with Cheers Analytics you know when the message was opened, when the video was watched , for how long, and how many times; as well as any links clicked! You have started a conversation; how do you keep it going and close a deal? Let's discuss that in our next Episode.
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In this video,  we discuss the personalized conversations and the value added of videos in your messages. Watch as Sahar highlights valuable tips and spotlights best approaches to help you kick off a rewarding conversation.

Episode 5: Targeted Video Emails to Keep the Conversation Going – FOCUS is the name of the game!

How to stay focused on your prospects and stay in touch with your current clients?
In this video, we discuss using targeted and automated video email campaigns in both persistent and persuasive conversational approach, to keep your business going.
Welcome to episode 5 where we discuss how to keep the conversation going! Logical reasoning is key to engaging your targets in a persuasive approach that keeps them interested in the conversation. Focus is the name of the game, and that’s exactly where your objectives - winning a deal - meets their needs and interests – which are represented by your value proposition! Your business will need both persistent and persuasive approaches to keep going. For new prospects - or even existing customers with new leads - a persuasive conversational approach helps you stay focused on the target while maintaining a personalized and specific attention to the lead itself. On the other hand, persistence helps your business stay in touch with all your contacts without the need to be pushy or rejected. For a nice balance, I recommend using Cheers Video Mail targeted automation campaigns. When a recipient replies back, make sure to answer as soon as possible; a timely and attentive message is imperative to your conversation. In some cases, recipients don’t reply back but they view your message, watch your video, or click a link you included; make sure to contact them again in a couple of days with a new video message focused on their interaction - Cheers Video Mail can track their actions for you. Always keep your messages personalized; remind them of previous communication and encourage them to keep the conversation going. Sometimes leads go cold, they are not lost yet, and may be potential targets to new and different services or products - this also applies to existing clients! Be persistent; stay in their presence and always communicate with them - this is also called stay-in-touch. With Cheers Video Mail campaign automation you can periodically send them interesting news, newsletters, announcements, offers, and many more. This is a gentle way of being persistent to win them over and over again. What happens if leads are won, and what happens if they are lost? Let’s discuss that in our final episode. Cheers!
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Episode 5: No More Losing Opportunities and Customers to Competition!

A win-win approach to build and maintain business relationship
Hello everyone, in this last episode of our business productivity series - We discuss how cheers video mail helps beyond leads wins and losses. When a lead is won, you can maintain continuous communication targeted to them via video mails that include post in service and support as well as staying in touch and nurturing other avenues to engage and close new deals. Always focus on growing the relationship - by now they are familiar with your face and voice - use that in a video as clients see your face, hear your voice, watch your hand gestures you will gain the mutual trust. Remember that everything you share via Cheers, from videos, messages, documents, images and so on… is private and secure! - you are in control! For lost leads, you can always engage a series of Stay-In-Touch persistent campaigns to grow their interest and stay informed. Keep the conversation going; ultimately, something you share will cross paths with a need they have. Professional services and sales processes have changed - no more knocking on doors, but rather a genuine and smart way of approaching people in real-time or off-time where conversations are becoming core to business success - a matter cheers value deeply and is built to serve you in every step! To sum it up: Cheers Video Mail is a multimedia conversational platform - that works side by side any video conferencing and meeting tool - to help you stay focused on the whole sales process; from prospecting and pre-sales, to closing deals and after sales, and all the steps in between. I hope you enjoyed our business productivity episode series. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us on social media or our web site with questions or topics to discuss. Cheers for now! And yeah sign up; let’s have a conversation! Cheers!
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In this last episode of our business productivity series - we discuss how Cheers Video Mail goes beyond responding to leads by helping you focus on growing your business and maintaining trustworthy relationships. Conversations are core to your business success- a matter Cheers values deeply and is built to serve you in every step!
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