Learn How to Use Cheers Video Mail

Welcome to Cheers Video Mail! The following tutorial videos were created to help you familiarize yourself with our platform. 

The Basics

These tutorials will help you learn the basics of our platform:

Watch: How to Navigate your Dashboard

Watch: How to Compose a Message

Watch: How to Create a New Video

Watch: How to Use a Message Template

Watch: How to Create a Snippet

Contact Management

These tutorials will teach you how to create and upload contacts as well as create groups and interest tags.

Watch: How to Create a Contact and Add a Tag

Watch: How to Upload Contacts

Watch: How to Create a Group


You can store your videos, documents, and images in our library section. To learn how, watch these tutorials:

Watch: How to Upload a Video

Watch: How to Add a Document to your Library

Watch: How to Add an Image to your Library


Premium account members have the ability to capture a screen recording and brand video messages using production templates. All other members have the ability to customize production templates.

Watch: How to Record your Screen

Watch: How to Create your own Production Template

Watch: How to Customize a Production Template