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Business Productivity

Improve Your Sales Process

This video cast series highlights how to successfully market your business, capture and engage hot leads, keep them interested and ultimately turn them into clients using video conversations.

Send Video Email Free

Don’t worry about the technicalities of How do you send a video over email! No extravagant production costs needed!

Cheers Video Mail is the best and fast way to record, brand and email videos using your own available recording studio, totally Free!

Record - Send - Track - Repeat

Send a Video Email Free Today

Email Marketing Automation Made Easy

Now that you can send a video over email, It’s time for video email automation.
Cheers Video Mail allows you to automate email campaigns in a simple easy step with an advanced email analytics that generate and extract Hot Leads list for specialized re-targeting.

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Video & Screen Recorder, Email Automation, Video email Templates, Social Media Integration, Email Marketing Analytics and more

Recording videos has never been easier.
Learn more about our recording studio and screen recording.
Send multimedia campaigns with ease.
Create unlimited many-to-many automated email campaigns.
Post videos & screen recordings directly to your social media accounts.
Try our seamless social media integration feature.
Never be in the dark; get the visibility you deserve.
Explore detailed statistics and reporting for all your messages and campaigns.

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