Screen Recording

What will you create with our screen recording feature? The options are endless with our easy-to-use recording studio. Watch the video below to learn more!

Convey information faster and easier than ever by sending your recipient a screen recording.
Cheers Video Mail Screen recording

Screen recording, with Cheers Video Mail

Sharing information with your clients, colleagues, and friends just got easier with Cheers Video Mail's screen recording feature! 

Screen recordings are a great way to showcase valuable information in a very visual way. 

With our screen recording feature, you can:
- Deliver a presentation
- Record a quick how-to
- Walk your recipient through application forms by highlighting key areas

With Cheers Video Mail, you have the option to select whether you would like to record...

an application window, your entire screen, or a specific web browser tab. 

This feature is only available on the Professional and Premium plans. 

Sign up today to experience the power of screen recordings. 

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