Go Beyond The Traditional Landing Pages With Cheers Advanced Landing Pages

Introduction to Advanced Cheers Landing Pages

Video landing pages have proven to be more attractive, informative and they deliver the messages effectively. Having a video increases conversion rate, keeps visitors longer on your page and become more familiar with your brand.
Videos in landing pages increases your trust factor and builds better connections with your visitors, making your page more memorable.

What are Cheers Free Form Landing Pages

Cheers free form landing pages can be used for the purpose of displaying any combination of material such as videos, images, links etc that you can customize to your liking. Watch this video for more details
Sahar: Let’s begin with the open landing page. From its name an open landing page can be used for the purpose of displaying any combination of material such as videos, images, links etc. You can customize this to your liking and you must set all your material in the landing page.

Shefali: Here is an example, as you can see there are no placeholders, videos and images are in the landing page, It looks busy but that’s just for demonstration purposes to show all the different items that you could include. Otherwise your landing page can be as simple just a header, video and a footer. once your design is done and you save the page, you will see a Public URL and you can use that to view your landing page.

Sahar: You decide this page’s purpose. It can be a lead capturing page with online forms, a sales page to sell products, or a click-through page to deliver information.
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What are Cheers Video Landing Pages

Sahar: As we already mentioned that adding videos to landing pages is extremely effective in properly conveying your message and increasing your conversion rates and engagements. Video Landing pages allow you to add additional content about and around the video .This content can be some text description , images, additional videos, links etc. So, when the receiver opens a video, instead of just a video playing by itself, it will play in a page that has more information that is relevant to the video.

Shefali: This video landing page in the videos is very easy to build with our drag and drop designer and as you can see there’s a video placeholder and a side bar, online form, some images, signature. Now, to set a video to be played on a landing page. I have this youtube video here, and I have a landing page set for it. upon saving, I will be able to get the Public URL and I’m gonna paste it in my browser to show you how the recipient will view this video. There you go, The video is automatically is placed in the placeholder and will play right here.

Sahar: Now instead of watching your video on youtube, you can send your receipts to view the video on your own branded landing page with useful information such as offers, to fill a form, to register. You can use any videos in your landing pages; like a video recorded or uploaded by you. As you saw it’s super easy to add a video to your landing page and You can re-use your landing pages for multiple videos.
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Video Landing pages allow you to add additional content around the video so that your video plays on a landing page with more relevant information. Watch this video to learn more about how cheers has extended the landing pages for your benefits.

What are Cheers Message Landing Pages

Message Landing pages will have your brand, structured layout and whereby messages received by your target audience will play within. Watch the video to see how it works.

Sahar: Message Landing is a page where you insert a message placeholder and that’s where your message will display when your receipts receives the message. This kind of pages are very useful will contain anything a user would like to display about and around a published Message and will contain the subject message itself.

Shefali: So in the template of the message landing page, e have simply dragged and dropped these different sections here including the message placeholder. This is where the message will display and it will be surrounded by this sidebar an online form so people can join the newsletter. At the bottom there is a signature and links to follow social media account. So, the message  has a template, a video and some text, this message has a landing page so now when I sent this out. and chose to vie win the browser. That complete message will be placed in the message placeholder.

Sahar : Landing pages help us direct our specific audience and enable us to collect relevant information about customers which we can later use to communicate with them. Advantages of a landing page, include checking all the information at one place, find answers to all questions related to a promotion or service, and engage visitors to register for an event or buy something.

Shefali : What’s most important is for professionals to utilize these advantages and that’s why Cheers has made them as easy and flexible as possible! Thank you Sahar, thank you everyone for watching and let us know if you have any inquiry, we can have a conversation!
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