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We believe in human relationships where at its core is communication! We’re redefining people interactions by empowering you to start a face to face conversation.

The personal interactions we once had have been taken away by robotic communications. Long and short emails have replaced our face and voice and we simply do not know anymore what or who is on the other side!

Cheers Video Mail is on a mission to revolutionize human communications by putting you at the top of the inbox using your best assets: your face and voice.

Cheers Video Mail is a complete video messaging platform that empowers you to connect and engage with people on a more personal level.

Video Mail

By incorporating Cheers Video Mail into your business, you will create a two-way video messaging communication with your customers. You are not only visual to them but they are also visual to you as they have the ability to reply with a video message themselves.

Video Mail

People are more likely to do business with those that they know, like, and trust. We help you take your communications to the next level by putting YOU in front of your clients more often.

Cheers Video Mail is an extremely user-friendly platform that eliminates the complexities of video production; simply record, send, track and repeat! Video messages are inserted in the body of your email which lets your recipient play the video directly from their inbox!

Cheers Video Mail enables you to create and share memories. Video messages can be embedded on your website and shared across your social media pages.

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