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Introduction to Cheers Video Mail Academy

This video provides an overview of the Cheers Video Mail training

Introduction to the Referral Program

This module will show you how to get started with the Cheers Video Mail Referral program.

How to Manage User Details

In this module, You will learn about user profile, user settings, how to add other users to your account and give them access rights. you will also learn about account settings and preferences. In Cheers Video Mail, you can invite other users to join your account ;as well as you can be invited to join other accounts. This gives you and any invited users the ability to work collectively on var ..

Introduction to Message Automation

Instead of individually sending campaigns to every new sign up you get, you can automate this process with cheers videos mail’s message automation feature. This feature gives you the ability to organize your campaigns so they can be sent out automatically to selected individuals on your list

Message Expiry

You have the ability to expire a message that you have already sent out or set a message expiration date. This feature is also useful for when you want to put a time limit on your message

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