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How to Create and Work With Contacts

This module will teach you how to create, update and import contacts to populate your address book. A demo on how to create and populate groups and Interest/Tags is included. It also introduces you to the reminders feature and how to apply it to your contacts.

Understanding Libraries and What They Contain

This module explains the importance of having libraries and what type of documents you can store in them. It also demonstrates how to add content to the Documents and the Images Library.

Recording Your Screen and Creating Your Personalized Videos

This module begins by explaining why screen recording is valuable and talks about different options you can choose to start a screen recording. Next, there is a demo on how to record your screen. The module further demonstrates how to make your own personalized video using the mini-studio.

Understanding Templates and How to Use Them in Your Messages ..

This module introduces the audience to two different types of templates. How to use templates into your messages and highlights single and multiple video templates.

How to use Cheers Video Mail Message Editor and its function ..

This video demonstrates how easy it is to include any of the Cheers Video Mail features into your message. It further talks about how to add a single or group of receipts. Next, it mentions the different sending options and message privacy and statistics.  

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