Dynamically Record Captured Screens and Camera Feed Using Only Your Browser!

Combine your screen recording and your webcam to produce a video that dynamically demonstrates what you are really presenting. Adding your face and hand gestures to your voice while recording your screen will help you create and deliver a message that is personal, well articulated and easy to understand.

Whether you’re creating demos, presentations or simply explaining ideas; nothing builds a better credibility than a visual communication that allows your audience to connect with you better.
Cheer’s screen recording and camera feed feature is very flexible and allows you to record with or without your video, resize and reposition your camera feed and as well as switch between multiple application windows during without any interruption.

What will you create with our screen recording and camera feed feature? The options are endless with our easy-to-use recording studio. Watch the video below to learn more!


Screen recording, with Cheers Video Mail

Sharing information with your clients, colleagues, and friends just got easier with Cheers Video Mail's screen recording feature! 

Screen recordings are a great way to showcase valuable information in a very visual way. 

With our screen recording feature, you can:
- Deliver a presentation
- Record a quick how-to
- Walk your recipient through application forms by highlighting key areas

With Cheers Video Mail, you have the option to select whether you would like to record...

an application window, your entire screen, or a specific web browser tab. 

This feature is only available on the Professional and Premium plans. 

Sign up today to experience the power of screen recordings. 

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Examples of Business Areas Where You Can Make Use of Screen Recording with Camera Capture:

Technical Support
Let's say a client or customer emails in about a technical issue that they are facing. The best way for you to help them is to send them a personalized screen recording video that shows them exactly how to fix the issue at hand.

Don’t send out a long email with instructions or a generic how-to video. Take this opportunity to get personal with your customers and use your video as well while you are giving your instructions. Going that extra step will not only help you solve their problem but it is also a fantastic first step to building a long-term relationship with your customers.

You can get personal with them by showing your video. They will see your face and hand gestures that will help them understand and trust the instructions you are delivering. Make the video extra personal by using their name in the screen recording video and addressing the specific question that they have asked you.

On the flip side, if your customer is having difficulties explaining the problem they are facing, encourage them to send you a screen recording of their issue. For you to be able to see the issue, let’s you help them more precisely and efficiently.
Incorporating screen recording videos into your customer service is a sure way to give your company a boost over the competition.

The best way to teach someone how to do something is to show them how to do it! Having a visual component that shows you exactly where to click is extremely valuable information.

The tutorial video can be as simple as showing your customer how to select an item, add it to their cart, and go through the checkout process. It can also be advanced as showing the individual how to use your software with step-by-step instructions.

Sometimes people get bored or distracted watching long tutorials. Don’t let them lose attention by including your video with the screen you are sharing, showing your face expressions and hand gestures! Recipients will then effortlessly follow along to the instructions that you outline in your screen recording tutorial.

Demos and Presentations
Your sales team can greatly benefit from using a tool like a screen recording. Recording a demo or a presentation empowers your sales team to clearly showcase and explain your services. Let your clients feel special and contact them in the genuine way they would like to be addressed. Add your video in the screen recording for them to acknowledge you, trust the information you are presenting, and understand your exact words and intentions.

Viewers can see right off the bat all the features and functionalities that you have to offer in the most personalized way! A screen recording of a demo or presentation with your video on also ensures that the information outlined in the video is clear and consistent for anyone and everyone in your company to use and distribute.

Provide Feedback or Explain a Document
Screen recordings are a great way to provide feedback or even explain a document to your client or colleague. However, when you provide a feedback you don’t want to be misinterpreted and cause any convenience. Adding your video to your recording will show your exact expressions.

Being able to highlight specific areas of a document and providing feedback is another way for you to improve your communications. You can talk about and showcase areas that needs editing, requires a signature, or further clarification.

Some beneficial tips to start your screen recording:

  • Make sure that whatever you are sharing is well organized and remove any unneeded files or tabs if you intend to share your entire screen.
  • Plan what to say! You don’t want to talk much and jump out of topic, neither miss any idea; so have a script or a list of ideas in front of you.
  • Make sure your microphone is working well and that there isn’t any noise nearby.
  • Once you choose to show your camera make sure you are positioned in the middle of the frame, and pay attention to what’s behind you!
  • Don’t go too fast with your cursor and don’t move it around unnecessarily.