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Is Video Conferencing Enough for Your Business?

Here is a Lifetime Offer You Don't Want to Miss

In a packed business process, Video meetings are not sufficient enough to cover all your process needs! What about conversations prior or following the meeting?

Relationship and communication are integral to your business success; so what about a simple solution that complements your efforts.

Here is a value proposition that puts Cheers Video platform to work for you and allows you to visually communicate with your clients as if you’re actually meeting them online! The offer includes:

  1. Up to 10 hours of professional services in Digital Marketing, Sales and Business Development, and Technology ABSOLUTELY FREE
  2. Cheers Videos Platform: (by using only your browser)
    • Video recording and messaging – with tracking and analytics.
    • Combined screen and camera feed recording
    • 4 custom/branded video production and email message templates
  3. Cheers Campaign Manager
    • Drag and Drop builder and automation manager.
    • Advanced Lead Capturing Forms with advanced data features
    • Diverse Distribution Lists with tracking and analytics
  4. Cheers Landing pages
    • Host Services: a repository for your videos, documents, images, and more
    • Free Style, Video, and Message landing pages that puts your brand in perspective every time.
  5. A simple Contact Manager to keep track of all related activities.
This feature packed solution is yours for less than the cost of 10 professional hours!

Get all this for ONLY $149.70 yearly with guaranteed lifetime 75% discount from the regular $598.80 yearly subscription. 

Note: Start with your 14 Days Trial. You pay nothing now, you have nothing to lose!

Sign Up today at Cheers Videos using promo-code “I-AM-IN” or simply Book an Appointment to explore this unique proposition.