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Your greeting cards can still make it on time!

Are you stressing about your greeting cards making it on time?

Fret not from the postal strike! Deliver personalized greeting video cards with Cheers Video Mail. The holidays are just around the corner and with the recent postal strike, your greeting cards might not make it in time. Fret not! Cheers Video Mail is here to save the holidays!

Choose from our selection of templates to send a personalized holiday greeting today, or schedule the delivery at a time of your choosing.

Use your best assets (your face & voice) to wish your friends, colleagues, and clients the best for Christmas and the New Year! Our templates contain a video placeholder where you can record a personalized video message to send along to your contacts.

Start from a holiday template, record your video message, and schedule it to go out just in time for the holidays. There is no need to worry about your greeting card getting lost in the mail or forgetting to send a greeting.

Stand out in the inbox this holiday season with a personalized video message and rest assured that your recipients will receive your message on time.

Happy Holidays and best wishes from everyone at Cheers Video Mail!