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Video Marketing for Event Planners

Video content empowers you to tell a story from the conception of the idea to the planning process and finally to the execution of the event.

As an event planner, your relationship with your client can get personal. Video Marketing can make the entire experience more human.

Planning the Event

Event planning is all in the details. Being able to execute the vision that your client has set forth is crucial, which means communication is key.

It’s not always easy to communicate and understand the vision in a text-based email. And this is where video comes into play. Cheers Video Mail lets you record and send recipients a video email! By including video into your email communications, it will smoothen out the entire planning process. This is why video marketing is so hot!

Your communications will be:
  • Easily explained
  • Better understood
  • Beautifully executed

Planning the event

Live Streaming

When you are on location for an event, go live on Instagram or Facebook. It’s a great way to give your audience a behind-the-scenes look into the event and the overall process. 

You can capture: 
  • The process of setting up the event
  • What the venue looks like during the event
  • What happens after the event 

Capturing these moments in a live stream gives your audience an exclusive look into what you do and how you do it. These videos are great video marketing material to let your customers see your amazing work.

Live Streaming

Video Testimonials

A video testimonial from a happy customer is terrific. For people who are interested in hiring you as their event planner, seeing a video testimonial can make all the difference.

Video is powerful because you can:
  • See the client's reaction 
  • Feel their emotions 
  • Hear the tone of their voice

As they recommend your services! 

Video Testimonial


Your clients want to get to know YOU! The best way to do this is to create video blogs. 

A neat idea would be to ask your social media followers what they want to know about you. Take their questions and create a video out of it! 


Video content is on the rise. It’s time to step up your game with video and include it in your event planning process.