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Respond, Don't Auto-Respond

Respond, don’t auto-respond! The personal interactions we once had have been taken away by robotic communications. Long and short emails have replaced our face and voice and we simply do not know anymore what or who is on the other side of our email communications.

Customers know that they are signing up to an automated mailing list. So why not try something different? Don’t just set up an autoresponder, get personal with your communications.

Cheers Video Mail is on a mission to revolutionize human communications by putting you at the top of the inbox using your best assets: your face and voice.

Our complete video messaging platform empowers YOU to start a conversation. We are giving you the ability to connect and engage with colleagues, clients, and friends on a more personal level. Video messages are a great way to show how much you care! From welcoming a new client on board to providing directions to colleagues or simply sending warm wishes to an old friend, video messages are the way to go!

By putting a face and voice to your email communications, you help your customers know, like, and trust who you are.

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