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Look at your Video Email Marketing Statistics!

Statistics are important for any business. It's imperative to grasp how your video messages are performing. Not only do statistics help you understand your audience better, but it will help you in crafting better video messages.

The Cheers Video Mail dashboard provides you with a general overview but you can also see a breakdown of each individual video message that you send for better insights.

Track your Video Email Marketing Statistics!

Your dashboard shows you a breakdown of everything. You can see the details of your usage as well as general statistics, rates, and notifications.

General statistics tell you how many emails you have sent, the number of recipients you have sent the email to, number of times your emails have been opened and how many times your video message was played. These statistics reset every month.

The general rates display percentages. You can see the percentage of emails that were opened, clicked on, and bounced. These values are all-time.

Your tracking and notifications tell you when you sent and received a message, who has opened your message, and who has played it. Each time someone opens or watches a video, you’ll get notified.

Statistics are an excellent way to keep track and measure the performance of your video messages.