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Have You Implemented the “Know you, Like you, Trust you” Factor in Your Business?

Have you implemented the “know you, like you, trust you” factor in your business?

“Mortgage is the most complex product that people take and the least managed”

Most people have a perception that banks provide the best rates and deals; which might not necessarily be true. Understanding your finances like mortgages, interest rate, and other loans can be hard without proper guidance and explanations. Professionals like debt eliminators and mortgage brokers focus on helping people manage their finances- find the right mortgage and the right strategies to pay off their debts in a shorter time period. You want to work with someone who is trustworthy, experienced and who can provide you with correct information and valuable knowledge.

Watch the video below, as George Kaadi discusses how he enforces “know you, like you, trust you” factor in his business using Cheers Video Mail. This strategy has helped George keep loyal customers and gain more thorough referrals.

Highlights of the Interview

Tell us about yourself and your business

He is in the mortgage business especially in debt elimination. His main focus is to help people manage their finances.

What is the key element in your Business ?

“People Financing is the key. Helping people put the right strategies to pay off their debt in less time, so they can enjoy the money they are making instead of paying it to the bank in interest payments".

How and why do people open up to you about their financial matters?

People come to him from referrals or people who he has served in the past. Georges takes the time to understand his customer’s situation, their pain points and educates them on the process to help put a financial plan to get them out of debt quicker and transform their life for the better.

What are some of the challenges that you face in your business

"People’s perception of the banks. People need to understand that banks are not your friend- you need to look after yourself. We try to get people to focus on their interest rate - but what's more important is the total cost of borrowing".

Conversations are important, is that what drove you to try Cheers Video Mail ?

George got a really positive response when he sent out video emails to some of his clients. From there, he started using it as a communication tool with clients. “That to me is a platform which works to communicate.” Rather than sitting down to type something and making typos, it’s best to say hello and just take seconds to shoot the email. Cheers Video Mail is an easy to use platform

Did Cheers help you solve the challenges and How ?

“The platform is very rich in functionality. stable and easy to use. You have to use the technology consistently and wisely. The technology has nothing to do with me committing to use it properly so the challenge is me; committing to staying in touch in a meaningful way with my client.”

What features of CVM do you like the most?

George uses the screen recording and the email automation feature the most. heers video mail has a feature screen capturing. “I captured a discussion with a client and I sent it to them; It’s like documenting what happened. The client was very surprised that we taped the conversation and he has a copy of what we said.”

“Another good feature is the automation part of things. i can set things up and i don't have to manually do it all the time. Automation is key. Leveraging video mail is another bonus and this platform excels at that It has helped me stay in touch in a meaningful way and cut down some wasted time doing emails and what have you. it’s a powerful tool if you get to use it consistently.”

Would you recommend CVM and to whom?

"Anyone in the personal finance business- could be a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, insurance agents, specifically mortgage broker. Staying in touch in a meaningful way, gives you an edge over the competition, bring you closer to your clients and enforce what george calls know you , like you trust you factor.
It's a good tool; I encourage anyone who’s serious about their business to consistently use it"